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No Works = No Faith

Zac Stephens Jul 06, 2016

According to James, in order to have faith in God we must have some works to show for it. In other words, if we aren't working, chances are we aren't really believing. Now, we aren't saved through works, but works
help to strengthen our faith and complement it.If we were to put as much time into working as we did worrying, we would see a revival in our schools and on our streets.

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Just Do It

Zac Stephens Jun 29, 2016

The word of the Lord is a light for our feet and a lamp for our path. Many of us have heard this verse and maybe even memorized it. But, if we know that the Lord lights our path, then why do we often fail to do what the Lord places in our path? The Lord often uses His word to instruct us, but all too often we simply read the word and let it remain in our minds. Eventually, without action, we begin to forget what we ever learned in the first place. In fact, action allows us to put our faith into practice. It is in this act of obedience that we learn what trusting in the Lord really means.