Series - Emotions
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Zac Stephens Apr 27, 2016

In today's culture, we often find that the popular thing to do is what everyone else is doing. The problem with this? Well, it seems that more and more people are walking in shame and regret than ever before. Why is this? We believe that what Jesus said when he taught about building on a solid foundation offers a clear and easy-to-understand explanation to this ever growing issue in our culture. God is a good father, who wants good things for his children. By following his command to build our lives on a solid foundation, we will experience the abundant life he wants us to have.

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Jeff Cochran Apr 20, 2016

Fear not only consumes our mind, but it has the potential to cripple us and prevent us from moving into action. There are so many things that your students want to do, but they allow their fear to take control and hinder their actions. During this sermon we are going to talk about how stepping into action, despite our fear, shows great faith and allows us to put our soul trust in the Lord.

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Zac Stephens Mar 23, 2016

The first emotion that we are going to focus on during this series is the emotion of anger. Tonight we are going to learn that anger in itself is not a sin (Ephesians 4:26). Rather, the way in which we handle our anger is what can lead to sin. The first step to overcoming the desire to react to our anger is recognizing that it does affect our mindset and decisions. Anger not only leads us to action, but if ignored, can take root in our hearts in the form of bitterness.

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Thoughts Become Things

Jeff Cochran Mar 16, 2016

Whether we want to admit it or not we all have emotions. Many of us express them in different ways, but they're there. They affect the way in which we live out our daily lives. But, emotions only control our lives when we allow them to. This series will be an awesome time for your group to connect on a deeper level. Be continually praying for wisdom as you navigate through your students' emotions during this series.