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What Is In Your Hand

Zac Stephens Mar 09, 2016

The Bible has much to say about what we are supposed to do. Sometimes we think that “Letting Go and Letting God” means that we no longer have an active role in a situation. But God desires a partnership with us. We are actually called to let Him USE us, CHANGE us and REFINE us. And often times, He utilizes our greatest problems and sorrows to do so.

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God is Calling YOU

Jeff Cochran Mar 02, 2016

Fusion weekend was incredible, and the call of the Lord on our life does not go away just because we are no longer in the midst of Fusion weekend. So much was revealed at Fusion weekend and it can become easy to run away from the call when the excitement is all over. During this sermon we want to encourage your students to run towards the call of God, whatever that may look like for them, rather than running away from it.