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Sexual Relationships

Zac Stephens May 18, 2016

During tonight's lesson we are going to be talking about sexual relationships. Sex itself is not a sin. In fact, God created sex as a gift for intimacy. But, outside of the boundaries of marriage, sex is a sin. Christ didn't give us this boundary to make us feel confined or to take the fun out of life. Christ gave us this boundary to protect our hearts. God, the creator of sex, knew the impact it could have when he communicated this boundary to us.

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Your Relationships With Others

Zac Stephens May 11, 2016

For many of us, dating or marriage is viewed as a milestone to attain that will lead to increased joy and happiness. After all, we often hear that two are better than one right? Well, what would happen to today's relationships if we took the selfishness out of dating and sought out relationships as a chance to bring honor to the Lord and pave the path to our future? Dating is not simply a sport or social activity used to satisfy our own desires. When we treat dating as a sport or game, we hurt those around us in the process.

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Your Relationship with God

Zac Stephens May 04, 2016

Relationships seem to be the focus of so many peoples' minds. Everyone wants to know the tips and tricks that make a successful relationship. Who do you turn to when you are trying to navigate your own relationships, whether they are romantic or not? What we want your students to learn, however, is that we can’t even begin to navigate the world of relationships without first having a relationship with our creator. Through Christ, and the overflow of his love in our lives, we begin to acquire the ability to enter into healthy relationship rooted in the firm foundation of Christ.