13 Reasons Why Not
Series - 13 Reasons Why Not
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About This Series

Whether it was a thought you couldn't break free from, a decision you still regret, or even the way you talked to your friends last week, we can all admit, we are broken. Our brokenness, whatever it looks like for you, demands to be held. But, where do we put it? Who's hands have you been placing your brokenness in? The hands of others, yourself, no one, or God? Come to fpStudents to find out what it means to be broken and where to place it.

Disclaimer: fpStudents is not supporting the show "13 Reasons Why" by teaching this series. Students will NOT need to watch the show to understand what we are talking about on Wednesday nights. Rather, we are calling attention to the brokenness of our world. Lunch tables across the country have been flooded with conversations about this show. So, we want to show our students that yes, we are broken, but Jesus came to claim victory over it and continues to fight for us day in and day out.